What's the B.O.X.?

"Brand of Xiamen", is our goal to insist on. "Think inside the B.O.X", is our ideal for the customers that provide them one-stop shopping solution. The UFO is our company's special mode which is different with other companies, it means that we are the Union Factory Organization and we are the trade and industry integration.

What's the function of B.O.X.?

As for the customers, we have the high-quality small and medium suppliers and we can offer the one-stop shopping so that the customers can save time, money and effort. In the long term, you can not only take the cooperation on business with us, even can develop into our partner, such as the distributor. If you become our partner, you can get the reputation, the professional sale team, the market perspective and the strenth of wholesale with our help.
As for the suppliers, we are in charge of looking for the markets and the factories can concentrate on produce and ensure the quality of products without worries behind.
Who are your members?

We have more than 80 qualified factories and all of these factories are our members. We have the professional designing and researching teams for products, and there are the advanced machines and equipments can produce products to meet your needs.

Where are your members?

Our members are mainly locating in Fujian Province, and there are some members are developing in other cities in China. In the future, the B.O.X. will devoted to forming a large team to build a bridge to combine the domestic and foreign trade markets.

What's the differences between your company and the trade company?

We are the trade and industry integration, we are work together with the trade ministries of the certificated factories in company. We are responsible for collect the information of market demand and sale the products, and the factories just responsible for producing. If you want to cooperate with us, you can get the factory price from us. In other words, you are cooperate with the factory directly.

Which one I can cooperate?

When you see our products and generate the awareness on cooperation of business, you can contact us, we will provide the most suitable factory among our 80 qualified factories for you, and we will try to help you to reduce the costs.

What's your FOB port?

We have FOB Xiamen and FOB Fuzhou.

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